Our team specialises in crafting personalised data visualisation solutions using Power BI. We take your raw data and turn it into actionable insights displayed in intuitive dashboards, empowering you to make informed decision.

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Understanding Power BI Dashboard Mechanics

We transform complex data into visually appealing and informative dashboards with just a few easy steps. Here’s how Quematics does it.

Secure Data Collection

The first step is gathering your company’s data securely. We ensure compliance with all regulations and employ encryption to safeguard your sensitive information.

In-Depth Analysis

Next, we perform rigorous analysis to derive meaningful conclusions from raw numbers. This involves identifying patterns, trends, and correlations that can drive valuable business strategies.

Data Visualisation

Post-analysis, we transform the insights into interactive dashboards. We integrate charts, graphs, and maps to represent your data in a way that can be easily interpreted and accessed.

Continual Support

Our job doesn’t end at delivery. We provide ongoing support to ensure your data remains up-to-date and relevant, adapting to changing business scenarios and needs.

Let Data Guide Your Business

No more guesswork. Rely on intelligent data analysis and visualisation to make informed decisions that propel your company forward. Our dashboards not only present data but tell its story.

  • Uncover Hidden Patterns
  • Interactive and Customisable Dashboards
  • Cross-Functional Application
  • Continual Support and Adaption

“Quematics visualisations revolutionised our approach at the water disinfection company. By skilfully connecting diverse data points, it unveiled invaluable insights and provided solutions to intricate queries. Thanks to Quematics, we now make informed decisions swiftly, propelling our efficiency and efficacy to new heights.”

– Stephen Benford, Operations Director – Water Group

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Case Studies

Selected stories from our work portfolio

Dashboard Visualisation

Power BI 18

Data Visualisation Dashboard for Construction Company.

Data Warehousing

Power BI 19

Complete Data Warehousing Solution for a Textile Manufacturing Firm.

The Quematics Way

Our meticulous processes ensure quality, transparency and timely project delivery.


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Exciting Features

Our comprehensive suite of features ensures that your data-driven journey with us is seamless, insightful, and beneficial.

Vast Data Connectivity

Connect with multiple data sources seamlessly with our vast database compatibility.

Secure Data Handling

We follow stringent security protocols to keep your data safe.

Customised Reporting

Choose what you want to see, how you want to see it, and when you want to see it.

Mobility and Accessibility

Gain controlled access to data-driven insights on the go, wherever you are.

The Quematics Advantage

Businesses stand to benefit a great deal from data solutions implementation.

> 320%


< 4 Months

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