Quematics is a data science powerhouse empowering professionals and businesses to unlock their true potential through the power of advanced analytics & machine learning technologies. We provide data science bootcamps and consultancy services around the globe producing world-class data scientists and transforming businesses through data-led insights.



Learn In-Demand Skills like Analytics, Machine Learning, Modeling, Visualization and Data Science in Our Bootcamps courses around the Globe taught by experienced, passionate industry professionals.


Data Science & Machine Learning Consultancy

We build customize data science, machine learning & AI models that predict, optimize and provide actionable insights. We have great knowledge and expertise in applying advanced analytics strategy to every part of the value chain and decision-making which added business value for many of our global clients.


Data Science

We apply complex statistical algorithms and machine learning models to data and provide predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to find hidden patterns, dependencies and trends to spot opportunities or threats well in advance. We are trusted outsourcing data science partners for many global companies providing them with actionable insights on regular basis.

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Data Visualization

Data visualisation is a fundamental part of data analytics process, as it allows business to instantly spot opportunities / threats, track KPIs, demand and supply trends, performance comparison and many more. We provide outsourcing data visualisation services to our partners so that they can track their key performance indicators and helps them with the answering business questions of any particular opportunity or threat.

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Machine Learning

We work with companies, use their data sets and create statistical models to give computers the ability to “learn” from data and then forecast future trends. It helps our partners to spots patterns and hidden insights based on data sets. Once deployed, machine learning models learn from data and become more intelligent, these algorithms can overcome program instructions to make highly accurate, data-driven decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can analyze data, make assumptions, spot trends, learn and provide predictive analytics at the scale which is impossible for human data scientists. We have expertise available to group together several technological innovations whether it’s speech recognition, virtual assistants, machine learning, deep learning, text analytics, sales data, marketing data and social media to develop artificial intelligence solutions.

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Intelligent Applications

Intelligent applications use incoming real-time data to respond at the point of decision to changing circumstances and formulate positive outcomes. This new generation of applications are also able to provide analytics at many decision points. At Quematics, we live and breathe the integration of business process with advanced analytics and experts in building intelligent applications compatible with data process.

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Business Intelligence & Big Data

For 4+ years, Quematics has been providing end-to-end business intelligence and big data services that include consulting and design, development, data visualisation and testing to support businesses the from informed decisions. We put customer’s needs at top of out priority and provide customised solutions to help business to adopt an advanced approach to data.

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