Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps: the next generation of applications.

The next generation of mobile Apps is the result of multiple technologies working together: when development meets artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics, intelligent apps are the result. Intelligent apps use historical and real-time data for to respond at the point of decision to changing circumstances and formulate positive outcomes by offering interactive and personalized experience to the users.

Intelligent Apps 1

Intelligent apps have a number of typical features:

Data-driven – user context and preferences

  • Intelligent apps process multiple data sources – such as Internet of things data points, user interactions, user choices and behaviors – and turn huge data into valuable insights, thereby predicting what we need.

Contextual and relevant and self-sufficient:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning used in building intelligent apps plays key role in empowering app to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information and proactively deliver highly relevant information and suggestion.
  • Having determined user patterns, intelligent apps deliver users with solutions to potential problems so user wouldn’t need to go to apps Instead, the apps will come to them.

Action- Orientated and Adapting

  • Due to Machine learning and artificial intelligence build-in features, intelligent apps continuouslylearn, adapt and improve their output and respond to any behavior’s changes.

We work with companies of all sizes to build intelligence apps that integrated with predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligent algorithms, and big data.

Our Capabilities

  • We are full-stack developers with experience building apps using modern technology stacks.
  • We can build your app on scalable, reliable cloud technologies (e.g., AWS) to grow with your business
  • Data is the lifeblood of modern apps. We’ll show you how to store, protect, and capitalize on your data.
  • We are focused on optimizing user experiences using continuous, automated testing.
  • We can Integrate your apps with any payment gateways such as , PayPal, and Authorize.net.

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