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At Quematics, we provide comprehensive and tailor-made data visualisation solutions. We transform raw data into valuable insights, presenting it through user-friendly dashboards that empower decision-making

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We build customize data science, machine learning & AI models that predict, optimize and provide actionable insights. We are trusted by many companies who instead of deploying expensive in-house Data science & AI resources rely on our advanced  analytics research and development services.

Data Science

Data Science

We apply complex statistical algorithms and machine learning models to data and provide predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to find hidden patterns, dependencies and trends to spot opportunities or threats well in advance. We are trusted outsourcing data science partners for many global companies providing them with actionable insights on regular basis.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data visualisation is a fundamental part of data analytics process, as it allows business to instantly spot opportunities / threats, track KPIs, demand and supply trends, performance comparison and many more. We provide outsourcing data visualisation services to our partners so that they can track their key performance indicators and helps them with the answering business questions of any particular opportunity or threat.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We work with companies, use their data sets and create statistical models to give computers the ability to “learn” from data and then forecast future trends. It helps our partners to spots patterns and hidden insights based on data sets. Once deployed, machine learning models learn from data and become more intelligent, these algorithms can overcome program instructions to make highly accurate, data-driven decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can analyze data, make assumptions, spot trends, learn and provide predictive analytics at the scale which is impossible for human data scientists. We have expertise available to group together several technological innovations whether it’s speech recognition, virtual assistants, machine learning, deep learning, text analytics, sales data, marketing data and social media to develop artificial intelligence solutions.

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Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Applications

Intelligent applications use incoming real-time data to respond at the point of decision to changing circumstances and formulate positive outcomes. This new generation of applications are also able to provide analytics at many decision points. At Quematics, we live and breathe the integration of business process with advanced analytics and experts in building intelligent applications compatible with data process.

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Business Intelligence & Big Data

Business Intelligence & Big Data

For 4+ years, Quematics has been providing end-to-end business intelligence and big data services that include consulting and design, development, data visualisation and testing to support businesses the from informed decisions. We put customer’s needs at top of out priority and provide customised solutions to help business to adopt an advanced approach to data.

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Advanced Analytics we offer


Quematics Analytics have extensive analytics experience across many industries


Predicting customer behavior or improving buying, pricing, tracking sell-throughs or benchmarking store performance – the opportunity to do exciting and impactful work is immense.

Social & Public Sector

The nonprofit, government and higher education sectors play a significant role in the global economy—and in the lives of people around the world.


As executives in the technology space well know, running software, hardware and technology service businesses presents unique management challenges.


Telecom have challenges around reducing churn and improving lifetime value for their subscriber bases. Prepaid or postpaid bases, the challenges are around extending the tenure that the subscriber stays on the network, selling upsells and plan upgrades, taking better pricing decisions and managing the channel.


Healthcare companies must identify ways to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems. The power to access and analyze enormous healthcare data sets can improve healthcare provider’s ability to anticipate and treat illnesses.

Financial Services

Better acquisition, retention, lifetime value, targeted campaigns, marketing spends and channel. We could help financial institutions, from banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, manage risks and serve customers.

Pharma and Life Science.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are experiencing a wave of competing challenges as part of what could be called the New Health Economy. They include consolidation among providers, especially hospitals, intended to produce efficiency gains; the changing demands and expectations of patients, who seek a greater role in their own care; increasing cost pressures from payors leading to calls for pricing reform; and the declining autonomy of the individual physician as rule-based, protocol-driven care becomes ascendant. The resulting healthcare system will focus increasingly on paying for the value rather than the volume of medical care; in other words, it will be a more consumer-facing industry

We use data-driven methods and tool

To help businesses apply insights at the point of action and then connect those for greater a value.

Why Businesses work with Quematics Analytics

  • We have extensive analytics experience across many industries
  • We have a Highly skilled team with deep industrial knowledge for your business.
  • Range of Business Intelligence / Analytics and data warehousing services.
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