Company Overview


We bring together a team of data enthusiasts with true expertise in data science, machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence, providing data science bootcamps and consultancy services around the globe, producing world-class data scientists and transforming businesses through data-led insights. We are on a mission to empower professionals and businesses by unlocking their true potential through training and consultancy services.


  • Mohsin Farhat

    Founder & CEO

    Analytical and results-driven professional with global experience in Insights, business Intelligence, advanced analytics, data Science, and Sales & Marketing combined with a pragmatic approach and understanding of processes & performance measures.

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  • Marc Davidson

    Senior Data Scientist & Director Europe & North America

    An Agile and radically data-driven individual with solid command on Data Science, Statistics, Databases, Machine learning and R programming.

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  • Abdul Majeed

    Senior Data Scientist & Director Asia, Middle east & Africa

    Data Science Professional with extensive experience in unifying statistics, mathematics, data analysis techniques, machine learning and visualization methods to deliver insights and analyze actual phenomena with data.

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  • Jaffer K Hussain

    Data Analytics Manager

    Data Analytics specialist with experience in SQL, VBA, Business Intelligence Cognos, Power BI, Tableau and R programming

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  • Deborah Kerh

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Digital Marketing Manager with experience in Event Marketing, Google Analytics,  Social Media Management and Marketing

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  • Mamoona Khan

    Bootcamp & Student Services Manager
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  • Akbar Aslam

    Support Executive
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  • Hasan Zulficar

    Support Executive
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