Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the presentation of information in an illustrative or graphical format. It enables business managers to see analytics presented in graphical format, so they can grasp difficult concepts and could identify new patterns within data. With interactive data visualization, business could take the concept a step further by using data visualization technology to drill down further into charts and graphs for more insights, interactively changing what information you see and how it’s processed.

Dashboards & BI Applications

We start process by understanding your most pressing problems, along with the specific information or insights that you are looking for your business data to provide. Studying your business needs, data architecture and your end-users we may propose the right business intelligence technology. Perhaps there is a need to automate the manual work you do in Excel files and turn it into an intelligent dashboard. Perhaps you want to integrate rules, machine learning, and/or predictive analytics to allow your dashboard to include the past and present as well as the future.

Business Metrics: Whether business performance, sales pipelines, Marketing spend, customer satisfaction, sales by region, employee compensation management or employee performance goals, Xpectrum could help you determine the most important KPIs to measure on a regular basis. We also help you to “connect the dots” between your key performance indicators and your business goals, so that you can understand how to make decisions that maximize your objectives.Communicate Your Metrics: Our experts create visualizations that enable you to work smarter, make better decisions, and tell more compelling stories.

Dashboard & BI App Design and Development: Our interface designers, developers, BI analysts, data visualization, and decision visualization experts will support your design and development from proof-of-concept to full deployment.Mobile BI: You can make real-time decisions from anywhere at any time using our solutions that adapt to all major mobile devices, including Blackberry, Apple, and Android devices.

Data Visualization & Infographics

Good information design fosters understanding, making the complex approachable and capturing viewers’ attention by infusing visual interest into data that may otherwise be overlooked.
Our information designers are not only skilled in the art of design, but are also capable of analyzing data, its story, and its intended demographics to create the best solution, while representing data accurately.

  • Visually present datasets and statistics
  • Showcase survey results
  • Showcase timelines, flowcharts, and processes
  • Display geographic data and demographic context
  • Compare impact of success/failure

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