Dashboard Visualisation for Construction Company

Dashboard Visualisation for Construction Company 1

The Requirement

Currently the client is using Viewpoint, a software designed specifically for handling and reporting operations for construction business, be it financial or resource ops.

Due to its limitations in user experience/interactivity, the client was looking for a more user-friendly driven reporting process.

They were also looking to leverage their data in a way that would shift their existing reporting process from Viewpoint to Power BI and further enhance it.

The requirements were to replicate their existing reports in Viewpoint and to create analytics reports in Power BI that would showcase their current financial standings in different aspects of their business.

The Challenge

Although their business logic to replicate the reports was straightforward and non-complex, the way it was incorporated/achieved and the tools available within Power BI were causing increased loading times and sluggish user experience.

The Solution

  • The client-provided dataset contained a large volume of data and was scaled down to keep only relevant columns.
  • The business logic required to create the reports involved a lot of calculations resulting in time expensive processing. It was resolved by improving the method of implementing the business logic which resulted in less loading times.
  • Some of the dashboards required calculations based on static values. These values were captured in a column to return immediate results.

Solution Diagram

Dashboard Visualisation for Construction Company 2

The Result

  • The use of Power BI visuals allowed the client to visualize profits based on both state and city, providing them with a broader perspective of their business across the country.
  • The reports showcased their top-grossing projects and projects that were causing revenue losses.
  • It provided them with a detailed understanding of performance metrics for their management hierarchies such as Project Managers and Project Executives.
  • The reports also presented them with insights regarding the most profitable industries for their business.
  • Implementing Power BI’s ability of multi-device report accessibility feature, improved the client’s collaboration among various teams and departments for quick data-driven decision-making.