Data Warehousing for Textile Manufacturing

Data Warehousing for Textile Manufacturing 1

The Challenge

Our client faced a challenge connecting Power BI reports and dashboards into Dynamics 365 CRM, also these reports were not accessible on various devices. However, this presented a business opportunity to prioritize universal accessibility. We shifted our focus to ensure easy and functional access to the reports on all devices. Our goal was to enhance user experience and improve efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction. By overcoming this challenge, we were able to optimize business processes, streamline data insights, and enable better decision-making.

The Solution

  • Implemented Data warehousing solution using Azure Synapse analytics.
  • Integrity and accuracy of data were ensured with automated data quality validation.
  • The following reporting requirements were met:
  • Dashboard implementation based on different departments.
  • Customized and targeted reporting for Executives, Directors, and Sales Reps.
  • Utilizing their CRM systems embedding capabilities to embed Power BI reports for sharing.
  • Dynamic calculations to eliminate future manual interventions.

Solution Architecture

Data Warehousing for Textile Manufacturing 2

The Result

  • Centralized data storage solution for the entire organization.
  • Automated processes for data quality and integrity checks.
  • Interactive reporting to drive actionable business insights using Power BI.
  • Organization-wide report-sharing functionality for collaborative business decision-making.
  • All Sales & Marketing reports are embedded in the CRM so nobody needs to login into different systems to access the reports