Data Platform for NGO

Data Platform for NGO 1

The Challenge

The client is using KOBO survey tool to collect data for measuring the social and economic impact of the VSLA program. After KOBO generates the data, it is sent for analysis. This involves a lot of manual effort resulting in multiple opportunities for wrong data to get into the system. The latency and errors in the data affect the further decision-making process.

The client wanted to automate the process, along with a system to ensure data quality.

The Solution

Working along with the client’s Data Science team, Addend developed a Data Platform with the following functionalities:

  • Web App for uploading the survey data
  • Validation of the data quality as per various business rules
  • Automated ETL process using Azure Data Platform
  • Automated translation process for multiple languages
  • Improved existing Power BI dashboards and addition of new reports

Solution Architecture

Data Platform for NGO 2

Architecture Diagram

Data Platform for NGO 2

The Result

The biggest advantage for the client after adapting our technology was the authenticity and accuracy of the data as now data wasn’t uploaded in excel manually.
Now there is no more vague data as the constraints applied are ensuring data quality. It also gives a warning message if the wrong information is fed into the database.

  • Manual intervention
  • Now there is no opportunity for poor-quality of data.
  • Data is processed in a fully automated way till the Power BI report
  • It will automatically reflect on Power BI once data is refreshed.
  • The solution has automatic language translation functionality for the User Interface. The admin can add a new country and language and it will automatically translate everything in the front end.