5 Real–Life Applications of AI in the Modern Business World

Over a decade ago it was believed that Artificial Intelligence is going to rule our day to day activities. The predictions were somehow true as now as we’re living in AI reality. Artificial Intelligence is no longer a secret tool that is used by only a few, instead, it is something that we all are interacting with every day without even realizing.

AI is being used by companies in numerous ways to boost their business. Have a look at the following top examples, so that the next time you come across one of these, you’d know what’s making that possible;

1.    Content Generation

As the sector of online reputation management is catching sheer importance by the time, content has become more important now more than ever. Moreover, the fun fact is that we as humans may have to worry a little less about it since AI is here to manage that for us as well.

Many big organizations have already incorporated AI-powered content generation tools like Quuu and Wordsmith to convert their raw data into reader-friendly content. The reason behind that is; the content is so well written that the readers are not able to discern between automated and human-written content.

2.    Business Forecasting

Business Forecasting is difficult task provided the multiple factors that affect business performance in the market. Input scalability and time constraints are the two major agents among these factors but AI has simplified this lengthy and complex task to a great extent. Now, many corporations have curated custom machine learning processes that automatically recognize patterns in the recurrent data inputs and allow the businesses to forecast correctly.

3.    Ad Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence has completely revolutionized the concept of ad targeting. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to call “automated ad targeting” the best example of AI in the field of marketing.

All e-commerce and social networking websites use AI in this regard. It monitors the activities of their customers online and then generates ads & content based on their interests. In this way, a user stays interested and spends more time (and money) on their websites.

4.    Data Analytics

The modern business world no longer works upon guesses and vague predictions. Every business decision involves careful analytics of customer data. Moreover, since the advent of AI, the world of data analytics has also reached a new level of advancement.

AI has proven its superiority over human beings in terms of the capacity to consume and analyze data. It produces highly accurate results in a very short period of time. This effectiveness of AI in data analytics has made it very convenient for businesses to make the right decisions at the right time.

5.    Chatbots / Virtual Assistants

Last but not least, virtual assistants have been saving businesses a fortune over the past few years. It is not feasible for a business to keep an employee on a – 24 hours – shift just to answer visitors’ instant queries on their website. Which is why Chatbots were introduced in the first place; to answer common FAQs of the visitors – so that they don’t bounce away from your website without exploring it enough.

In fact, in a recent study, it was found out that 37% of the Americans prefer using a chatbot over human agents in case of emergency. Therefore, Chatbots as well qualify to be called as the best example of automation and artificial intelligence in online marketing.

So, these were the most common applications of AI in the business sector. However, there are plenty of other examples for the use of this marvelous technology. The world is progressing day by day and you never know, what new the future might throw at you. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure; AI will evolve but will never be obsolete. At Quematics We work with companies of all sizes to integrate predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligent to help them apply insights at the point of action and then connect those for greater a value.

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