Pharmaceutical R&D and Research

On-time, on-budget clinical trials—using real-time insights gleaned from healthcare, competitive, and market intelligence data

Unmet Need Analysis

Measure the level and nature of unmet need in any disease along the following domains:

  • Product Need (efficacy, safety, convenience of dosing)
  • Disease Seriousness (mortality and morbidity)
  • Disease Cost (direct and indirect costs)

Enrollment Planning and Forecasting

  • Leverage advanced predictive analytics and data visualizations to model potential scenarios and multiple cohorts
  • Forecast and continuously tune enrollment completion using predictive analytics
  • Track and systematically report on detailed enrollment costs for every trial
  • Monitor enrollment across the entire portfolio of trials, regardless of partner or sponsor involvement

Epidemiological Studies

  • Analysis of epidemiological data for specific or unusual indications, demographic factors or geographic consideration
  • Customized comorbidity and risk factor analysis
  • Support for orphan drug submissions
  • Customized epidemiological data mining

Cost Budgeting

  • Develop budget scenarios. Assess cost per patient, cost per procedure, cost per visit as well as institutional cost
  • Eliminate redundant payments

Feasibility and Site Selection

  • Site identification and profiling
  • Patient population profiling to design and tune protocols
  • Risk factors to recruitment (time and budget implications)
  • Standard of care impact
  • Recruitment and retention challenges

Clinical Trial Optimization

  • Leverage data to gain insight into protocol design and feasibility, as well as the market and competitive dynamics that could affect trials
  • Find the investigators and sites who have a track record of success and access to the right patients
  • Access potential savings due to studies covered by third party insurers

Product Safety Analysis

  • Early drug safety trend and adverse event signal detection
  • Improved drug safety and operational effectiveness
  • Proactive unstructured social data mining

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