Lead Generation

Lead Generation

All lead generation sites aim towards sharing more content and getting more visitors to sign up for lead forms available on the website. We improve conversion rates through :
Content Analysis : We can implement advanced tracking to collect data on how different types of content are being consumed on the website, the impact of each individual content type and in what common sequence content is being consumed.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is crafting an experience for your users that will convert them into customers. Our experts leverage different web analytics tools, conversion tracking, heatmaps, survey tools, and techniques like A/B testing and multivariate testing to optimize your conversions
Form Analytics : Our experts can implement tracking of all the forms and fields (a critical KPI for a lead generation website). This leads to understanding a visitor’s interaction with forms and eventually helps in optimizing the form fields and form placement on the website.
Lead Scoring : When integrated with the CRM system lead scoring provides directions to sales reps to focus their effort on the leads that are most likely to convert to end sales.

Customer Engagement Analysis

Web-based conversions during lead generation activity are driven by visitor’s engagement with the website content. Here we track KPIs such as time spent on the site, active and passive content consumption, number of page views per visit, and number of clicks.
Mobile Analytics & App Tracking: The primary goal is to analyze the users who have uninstalled your mobile app. Two areas of focus are:
Lost Analysis: Predict the users who are likely to uninstall your app and also understand the behavior of such users. This enables you to take necessary engagement actions in order to retain existing users.
Uninstallation Analysis: Get precise information about the number of users who have uninstalled your app, how many days since users uninstalled your app and activities they performed before uninstalling your app.

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