Pharmaceutical Marketing Model

Our analysts combine deep, qualitative understanding with sophisticated multivariate approaches to ensure that the most powerful attitudes and behaviors inform your strategic and marketing decisions.

Market Assessments:

  • Provide detailed insight into markets from a size, growth, key driver, unmet need and barrier perspective
  • Detail what evolution is expected and how you and your competitors will respond
  • Design of Experiments: Quantitative methods can help in understanding, predicting, and optimizing product designs, manufacturing operations, and product reliability

Segmentation and Targeting (Physician/Patient)

  • Distinguish patient and physician groups most likely to respond to marketing
  • Prioritize the products, categories and audiences to target
  • Customize messaging to respond to the needs of key segments

Competitive Landscape and Positioning:

  • Analyze your competitors’ objectives, strategies, and assumptions to direct your positioning
  • Use innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies to uncover the customer’s functional and emotional needs that ultimately direct your messaging

Brand Tracking and Company Reputation:

  • Assessing brand performance by monitoring the parameters like brand awareness, brand image, brand health, brand usage, brand share and brand potential and brand communications
  • A 360-degree view and consistent metrics across key stakeholders, including customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, community leaders, social media and employees
  • Customer Analytics: Understanding your customers, analyzing their next move, and creating personalized experiences for them is critical to winning more business and driving loyalty. We help you with the following:
    • Lifetime value analysis
    • Customer churn reduction
    • Upsell and cross-sell opportunity analys

Advertising Spend Optimization

  • Historical analysis of past spend
  • Predictive modeling to guide future spend
  • Evaluation of specific tactics including sales force samples, detailing, meetings, events, internet media, direct-to-consumer TV ads, telemarketing and print ads
  • Assessment of patient-driven programs and tactics
  • Pharmaceutical Forecasting: Accurate, timely insight into the demand for pharmaceutical products is essential for designing successful brand strategies and applications across the product lifecycle and addressing key issues in commercial planning, clinical trial optimization and competitive event assessment.
  • Choice modeling or univariate demand research ensures that the primary marketing research is aligned with the needs of forecast
    Volumetric new product forecasting provides the accuracy required for pre-launch planning
  • Combination epidemiology-/sales volume-based forecast models provide robust market sizing and trend information
  • Custom patient flow models representing the dynamics of complex markets are not possible with cross-sectional methods