Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance can maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Implementing marketing analytics allows marketers to be more efficient at their jobs and minimize wasted marketing spend. Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, having marketing analytics strategy can offer profound insights into customer preferences and trends

Customer Segmentation & Profile

Whether you are looking to determine new product offerings or develop a personalized marketing campaign, customer segmentation is the principal basis for allocating resources and extracting maximum value from both high and low-profit customers.

Our experts use both demographic segmentation data and advanced clustering segmentation techniques to :

  • Conduct market segmentation to unveil meaningful and measurable segments or microsegments according to customer’s needs, behaviors, demographics and social profiles.
  • Determine the revenue potential of each segment and target segments according to their profit potential and the ability of your company to serve them.
  • Use target market analysis to tailor products, services, marketing and distribution strategies to match the needs of each segment.

Personalized & Customer Driven Marketing

Delighting your customers requires building customer profiles that leverage a wide variety of data across multiple channels. This multichannel marketing uses a mix of customer profiles, historic data, real-time events, loyalty programs, social interaction, online behavior and presence to drive predictive analytics and customer insights. By learning where, when, and how buyers are most likely to shop, and which offers and products will appeal to them, you can determine product offerings and personalized marketing campaigns to extract maximum value from both high and low-profit customers.

Marketing Mix and ROI

We can quantify the potential value of all marketing inputs and use predictive analytics to identify marketing investments that are most likely to produce long-term revenue growth.Use predictive analytics to optimize future marketing investments and drive growth in sales, profits and market share

Product Portfolio Management

Production portfolio management optimizes the product mix being marketed to maximize revenue potential. Xpectrum’s experts help you understand which product combinations are being purchased together by your customers, and in what sequence. Understanding the product combinations and the strength of these relationships is valuable information that can be used for cross selling and upselling, offering coupons and promotions, and making recommendations.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand name and symbol that impact value provided by a product or service. Brand Equity has several dimensions like brand awareness, brand image, customer-perceived value and brand association. By integrating customer survey data and predictive modeling, our experts can identify optimal routes to build strong brand equity and help you address the impact of strong brand equity – in terms of market share, customer acquisition, brand loyalty and other desirable outcomes and develop a single measure of brand

Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis

Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help you understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative, neutral). You can analyze the opinions of your fans and followers and get the picture of what people discuss and how they perceive your brand.

Brand Monitoring & Competitive Analysis

Monitor all competing brands on social media and review websites and portals that compare businesses. Identify key influencers, communities, and advocates of your brand.

Lead Generation

Social media is a gold mine for companies to search for prospects. Identify an important conversational concept – intent to buy – and leverage the tweets and comments to generate potential leads.

Trend Analysis?

Compare your social media insights with data from previous reports. Help understand surges and declines in sentiments and conversations after announcements, product launches, and marketing initiatives.

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